Made Khaled skip class to come with @lulzn and I #college
Anonymous: Sex from one night stand?

Not a one night stand.. Someone that I’m kinda into I guess?

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It’s about that time again☺️

I’ve never had so many bruises on my body from sex .-. Holy fuck.

YAASSSSS🙌 @lulzn #khaled
Spontaneous trip to SD last night was pretty interesting tbh😹👯✨ @itsjumpbetch @obeyyjoshy @tavon2522 #videopausedonthis

I went to see disclosure tonight along with mk and A$AP! They were all great but mk and Disclosure were fucking amazing🙌🙌🙌 I’m still rolling though which kinda sucks cuz no one is awake and I have class in the morning lol

Throwback to the night where we were really drunk and tried to play twister but failed miserably so we just cuddled on the floor😂💀🍻 #wefinishedabottleoftequila #andjager #ohvodkatoo #ohwaitandrum #family @lulzn @alaina_brooks @chris_2195